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Site Map

    Ashland Historical Society   

  Saline – Ford Historical Preservation Society  

Preserving, recording and “telling” the rich history
of the Ashland NE community and area
207 North 15th Street @ Boyd Streets, Ashland NE 68003
in the former Ashland (Carnegie) Library Bldg. (circa 1911)
downtown as seen in 1909  –  and 2018
Please contact our “Web Geek” with articles,
pictures and history we may share here!
Our E-mail address is:



Ashland Historical Society

Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society

Offices: 207 North 15th Street @ Bod Street

Open House each THU from 1 to 4 pm

appointments available on request via e-mail

Ashland NE 68003

2017-2018 Officers and Directors are:

Presidents: Marti Fritzen

Vice President: Peg Lutton

Secretary: Judy Hull

Treasurer: Marilyn (Kolb) Wright

Directors: Deb Busing, Jerry Froistad, Pat Proctor,
Jim Sanders, Patti  & Gerald ‘Jerry’ Schofield.


MEMBERSHIP is available to all interested in Ashland NE History:

As a member of AHS – SFHPS, you will remain on the newsletter mailing list

and you will be on the calling committee’s list for special events.

Your dues will go toward supporting the Society’s objectives.

Dues are for the fiscal year of October through September each year.

RENEWAL DUES are due January 1st of each year.



Ashland Historical Society

Saline Ford Historical Preservation Society

(Renewal / Annual Dues – JANUARY 1st each year):

Patron $75 Family $35 Single $20 Other $_____

Dues payable at our meeting(s) OR:
Mail to: Marilyn (Kolb) Wright, Treasurer
Ashland Historical Society
207 North 15th St. @ Boyd Street
Ashland NE 68003
Thank You for your support – financial, contribution of articles, pictures and history,

as we now share the ” living history ” of Ashland NE to Members and the world !

   Tax deductible SUPPORT
of the AHS-SFHPS may now be made !
We have provided a new membership category
entitled “Other $ ___” for those who may wish to make
a contribution ‘above & beyond’  those listed above
“Other $ _____”  donations may be tax deductible;
we suggest you consult with your accountant or tax advisor
to learn if your AHS donation qualifies: Presuming your
donation qualifies, AHS has been provided a ‘vehicle’ via
the Ashland Area Foundation, a 501 (C) 3 corporation
Make those checks to Ashland Area Foundation
please “memo” your donation check for AHS
address: Ashland Area Foundation

1442 Silver Street – Ashland NE 68003


JOIN US as a “FRIEND” of Ashland Historical Society
and the Ashland Arts Council
Our Ashland NE Churches page provides information
about the many places of worship in the Ashland NE area,
as well as links to several of the area church websites
You may also want to visit the website of
the Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools
The link to their website is >


We invite you to learn more about Ashland NE !
The Ashland Chamber of Commerce
provides a wonderful website of current events,
a calendar of events & activities, links to merchants,
as well as many groups & churches in the Ashland area
The link to their website is