Route 6 – Historic US 6

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Route 6 is the longest continuous highway in the nation;
running from Provincetown,on Cape Cod, MA to

Long Beach / Lancaster CA; a distance of 3,652 miles


MANY folks have asked . . about the road(s) /route(s)
that were called the  O-L-DD-L-DNE 7NE 11US 38,  &  US 6 . . .
“just WHERE did U.S. 6 go through downtown Ashland’ . .
where was that again . . ”       when was that . .
we answer that in historic detail,
including  never-before-seen pictures  with the . . . .
^ ^  UPDATED   October 12th 2013 – 49 page edition  NEW Maps & Pictures added ^ ^
Huebinger’s Map & Guidebook
of the Omaha to Denver  Trans-Continental Route
originally called the  O-L-D . . & . . The White Pole Route
the original Map & Guide Book was published in 1911
The Ashland Boosters Club & the O-L-D Association
are pictured in the Map & Guide Book, as they traveled
on the inaugural opening ‘road trip’
1911 was also the inauguration of the Ashland Platte River Bridge
“located 1  1/2 miles NE of Ashland” . . crossing the Platte River
 at the ‘Rifle Range’ . . (today’s  Camp Ashland)


   The pages of this presentation are of the entire publication  <

and are copies of the original 1911 publication of the
Huebinger’s  Map and Guide Book

for the OMAHA – DENVER  Trans-Continental Route

(Originally known as the O-L-D [Omaha-Lincoln-Denver] )


note the attachment is nearly 200 pages !
it may take a few seconds to ‘open’ – be patient  it is worth the wait  !

 INSERT PIC of the FRONT PAGE of Huebinger’s Map and Guide Book



The Huebinger’s Map & Guide Book, of the Trans-Continental Route

Omaha – Denver, produced by Iowa Publishing Co. of Des Moines IA, for the 1911 opening of the road is a real treasure of pics, advertising [used by “Huebinger’s” to support the printing, distribution & sales of the map & guide & the “Commercial Clubs” precursor to “Chambers of Commerce”] to ‘promote’ the establishment of the route . . with white-background-signage with O L D in black letters painted on telephone poles, etc. to designate the route.
The MAPS & PIC’s contained in the publication, use interesting landmark designations

. . i. e.; “Brick House” designation of the Joseph Stambaugh House, just N of Ashland NE


We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the Library of Congress;

(original format F666 .H59) who have made the ‘original publication’ Public Domain.


“ Public Domain: This work is in the Public Domain, meaning that it is not subject to copyright.

Users are free to copy, use, and redistribute the work in part or in whole. 

It is possible that current copyright holders, heirs or the estate of the authors of individual portions of the work,

such as illustrations or photographs, assert copyrights over these portions. . . .  ” (excerpt from definitions of Public Domain)


The AHS provides this edition for redistribution; a complete and largely unedited edition;

having copyrighted © those portions described & inserted.

The AHS request that this copyrighted © edition be used
for non-commercial & historical purposeswith only one proviso:
Ashland Historical Society be noted in credits & footnotes* please notify AHS via


The AHS has reproduced this for informational & historical purposes.


The Ashland Historical Society  has also produced
a condensed-edited-annotated version
 . . . see ABOVE

of the same book, as it traversed from Lincoln-Waverly area-through Ashland–and on to Omaha.

 That version contains never-before-seen pictures, obtained 

by the AHS, as well as notes of ‘where is that now  ? ?  circa 2013

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for more about this Historic Highway’s national history
The history, since 1911, of Historic U. S. / NE Route 6
how ASHLAND grew as a result of this important highway
How ROUTE 6 began . . it has had several different ‘names’ & ‘highway numbers’

over the years, but it has ALWAYS been an important part of Ashland history

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Malerie’s Blog – reprint of post of October 2011 . . ^ naming Ashland in top 10 Main Streets
Malerie Yolen-Cohen, author of the “Stay On Route 6” blog
visited Historic Ashland on Saturday the 11th of June,
while on her cross-country trip along US 6, which began May 20th,
at the east coast origin of US 6 in Provincetown MA
A REPRINT of Suzi Nelson’s  ^  Ashland Gazette article,  ^  following Malerie’s visit
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