AHS Quarterly Meeting Recap

The following “recaps” are of recent
quarterly meetings of AHS-SFHPS:
April, 2016 Quarterly Meeting
April 11-12, 2016
Nebraska Museums Association Annual Meeting & Conference
Knight Museum & Sandhills Center, Alliance, Nebraska
Marti Fritzen, Shirley Niemeyer, Linda Hatfield & Peg Lutton
attended the meeting in Alliance.
Brian Gomez of PastPerfect Software presented a
three-hour training workshop.
PastPerfect is the software used by over
9500 museums
to catalog their collections.
Additional hour-long workshops on the following subjects
were attended:
How to Inexpensively Make, Design and Install
Professional Exhibits;
Duties and Responsibilities of Board Members;
Problems Museums of All Sizes Face; and
How to Exhibit and Interpret
Minority and Underrepresented Populations.
Next year’s Conference will be held in Lincoln and
we hope more members from Ashland will attend.

 The January 10, 2016 Quarter Meeting of the
Ashland Historical Society
was held at the Ashland History Museum.
A short business meeting preceded the program. 
New blinds have been ordered for the Museum to protect the antique items
from harmful UV rays.
Protective lighting of the building was discussed.
Interesting items of kitchen ware and tools were presented
by those attending.
Marti Fritzen showed a butter churn from the 1920s
and Eleanore Miller had brought a wooden butter mold from the same period.
Eleanore Miller also brought a few salt dishes,
a part of her collection of over one hundred,
dating from the time when individual salt dishes were placed at each plate.
Other items included a 1922 waffle iron, a Jaws Harp, an egg beater,
a wooden silverware holder and many antique tools,
some of which we could only guess the purpose.
Shirley Hemke made a donation of her
scrapbook of the Mormon Trail Ride
which came through Ashland in 1997.
Rick Grauerholz made a donation of his grandfather’s
ID tag from the Armour Ice House where he worked
around the turn of the century.
The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 10.

The October 11, 2015 Annual Meeting of the
was held at the Ashland History Museum
at 3 p.m. after an open house to show the museum to the public.
President Marti Fritzen conducted the meeting.
Progress of the Museum was discussed.
New blinds will be installed soon which will
protect the artifacts from UV rays.
Control of temperature and humidity was discussed.
Officers for the next year are as follows:
President:  Marti Fritzen
Vice-President:  Peg Lutton
Secretary:  Deb Busing
Treasurer:  Marilyn Wright
Board members are Jerry Froistad, Judy Hull, Pat Proctor,
Lee Graham, Jim Anderson and Shirley Hemke

The July 12, 2015 Quarterly Meeting of the
was a field trip to the
9102 North 30th Street, Omaha, NE 68112.
The Mill was built by Brigham Young in 1846 and
several hand-hewn beams of that period are still part of the mill.
Linda Meigs, owner and restorer of the mill,
welcomed us & gave us the history of the mill.
The second floor art gallery hosted art work by Linda Hatfield
and we visited the farmers market on the lawn.
Kim and Lynn Cooper led us on a tour
of the 1908 Gold Coast home of Brad and Amy Schaap and family.
A short business meeting was held.

The April 12, 2015 Quarterly Meeting of the
was a cemetery crawl at the Ashland Cemetery
led by Sue Brauckmuller and Judy Schamp
who had prepared a tour of World War I veteran graves.
That 2 p.m. tour was followed by a 3 p.m. meeting
at the Ashland Community Resource Center in downtown Ashland.
President Marti Fritzen conducted the meeting.
It was voted to become members of the
Nebraska Museum Association.
Marti Fritzen, Marilyn Wright and Peg Lutton
will attend the state convention in Plattsmouth
on April 13 and 14.
A fund-raiser picnic will be held on the
Carnegie Library lawn following the Stir-up parade in July.
Pat Yardley has volunteered to prepare food
and we plan to have the lower level of the library open
for a few exhibits at that time.
The meeting was adjourned to the Carnegie Library Building
which is now the Ashland History Museum.

The January 11, 2015 Quarterly Meeting of the
was held at the new ACRC Building in Downtown Ashland, Nebraska.
President Marti Fritzen presided at the meeting
with about 60 persons in attendance.
SANDRA MONROE, a psychic medium
from Crete, Nebraska was guest speaker.
She is a natural-born medium and has done
readings since 2000. 
She assisted in explaining the happenings and sightings of the following persons:
Tom and Jo Christenham, Lee Graham, Melanie O’Brien, Jenel Rogers,
Shirley Hemke, Judy Schamp, Dave McReynolds, and others.
It was mentioned that Saunders County has the most

The October 12, 2014 annual meeting
of the Ashland Historical Society
was held at 1438 Silver Street,
temporary quarters of AHS until their move to the
historic Carnegie Library building.
State Senator Jerry Johnson of Wahoo,
Marcia Kuiper of the Highway 6 Board,
and Roger Bratt spoke of their work to get
original Highway 6 signs placed on current Highway 6
to encourage economic and tourism development.
Election of officers was held with the following elected:
President, Marti Fritzen; Vice President, Peg Lutton;
Secretary, Judy Hull; Treasurer, Marilyn Wright;
Board Members: Lee Graham, Shirley Hemke,
Pat Proctor and Jerry Froistad.
Dues remain the same and are due in October.
Stories of historical Ashland were told by those present.

The July 13, 2014 meeting was a field trip to
the Otoe County Historical Museum in
Syracuse, Nebraska.
The Museum consists of three buildings:
a former Lutheran Church and parsonage from the 1890s
and a building housing the taxidermy collection of Henry Kramer.
The church has 5 display rooms:  a butcher shop,
a carriage room & sleigh, a country store,
a loom room and a doctor’s office. 
Cases along the walls contain household items & children’s toys.
The parsonage has vintage furnishings plus a patriot room with American flags,
uniforms and memorabilia from several wars.
There is also the Thomas Edison Room with displays of early electric lights

and a working phonograph.
The quarterly meeting was held on Sunday, April 13, 2014
at 1438 Silver Street – 2:00 pm

The April Quarterly Meeting of the AHS was very well attended !

We want to thank each and all of the Members & Friends that contributed to the success of this meeting – some traveling from long distances to share their memorabilia, stories and remembrances of the Railroads in Ashland.

The January 12, 2014 meeting of the AHS-SFHPS

was held at 1438 Silver Street with a
standing-room-only crowd
to hear about and see pictures of
early Blacksmiths in Ashland
and to hear Seth Janssen
tell about and demonstrate blacksmithing.
Three members of the Frank Marcy family, an early blacksmith,
were present and
Sixteen members of the John Groenjes family
were in attendance.  They had
moved to Ashland in 1942.

The October 20, 2013  ANNUAL MEETING of the AHS-SFHPS
was a tour of some of the over 100 graves
President:  Marti Fritzen
Vice President:  Peg Lutton
Secretary:  Judy Hull
Treasurer:  Marilyn Wright
Board Members:  Shirley Hemke, Jerry Froistad,
Pat Proctor, Lee Graham

  The   JULY 2013  MEETING of the AHS-SFHPS  
was a Field Trip to the Heritage Museum
complex in Weeping Water NE

  The   JANUARY 2013 MEETING of the AHS-SFHPS  

was held Sunday afternoon, January 13th – 2:00 pm

Ashland Historical Society Headquarters
1438 Silver Street * Ashland NE

learn more on our AHS Event page &
in upcoming articles in the Ashland Gazette

  The July 8, 2012
Quarterly meeting of the Ashland Historical Society   
was held at the American Lutheran Church.
After a short business meeting members displayed
items connected with Ashland’s past and told their stories.
Marti Fritzen displayed Dennis Dean’s shawl purchased in 1871
and made of dark plaid wool 5’x10′.
The Churchill Sisters had a women’s clothing shop in Ashland
from 1917 to 1957.  Eleanor Miller showed
a child’s dress made for her by Marie Churchill.
Pat Proctor’s mother Mabel Pacula
had purchased the shop at 1412 Silver Street
and called it The Silver Smart Shop.
Pat worked in the shop part-time
from 1958 to 1968 when it was sold.
Shirley Hemke told about her Grandfather Levi Raikes.
Her story is told in a Gazette Glimpse article.
Lee Graham told about the buildings
at 13th & Silver Streets where the new ACRC building will be.
Brian Smith had some business give-aways
from White & Bucknell Hardware store in Greenwood,
Farmers & Merchants bank and Hoffman Brothers.
Seth Janssen had been at a flea market in Fairbury and found
a 1929 pin of the Ashland Fire Department.
Marilyn Rush had a 1935 teacher’s contract of Mabel Stickney Dean,
her mother, from District 35, Cass County.
Pat Proctor had a 1953 Certificate of Safety presented to the
East Ashland Womens Club.
Shirley Hemke had scrapbooks of the Ashland coronations
from 1948 to the present.
The meeting was adjourned to visit the new headquarters of the
Ashland Historical Society at 1438 Silver Street.
The opportunity to open this office came about through a generous donation
from Marti Fritzen to the historical society in the name of her family.
The building will be used to collect and catalog information
from the Ashland community in preparation for a
permanent move into the Carnegie Library building
when the new Community Resource Center is built.
The building is open Thursday afternoons from 1 – 4 pm.
All are welcome to stop and view the displays
and visit about Ashland history.

The October 14, 2012 meeting of the Ashland Historical Society
was held at 2 p.m. at the Congregational Church at 16th & Boyd Streets.
PAUL SIEBERT of Lincoln presented a program of music and history in costume.
He sang songs of the 1860 period accompanied on the
hammered dulcimer, accordion, guitar, banjo and jews harp.
He displayed the Nebraska seal and told how Ashland
fitted into that history with its blacksmiths, Julius Olesen, Frank Marcy, AB Cline and John Groenjes.
The seal also displays the railroads and Ashland has had several depots.
Ashland’s early settlers included the
Stambaughs, Aughes, and Warbrittons who first came in 1856-57.
Several of their descendants were introduced.
The annual meeting was held with election of officers as follows:
President:  Marti Fritzen
Vice-President:  Peg Lutton
Secretary:  Judy Hull
Treasurer:  Marilyn Kolb Wright
Board Members: Jerry Froistad, Jerry Lemon, Shirley Hemke, Pat Proctor
The next meeting will be held January 13, 2013.

   The  APRIL 2012  MEETING of the AHS-SFHPS
was held April 1, 2012 at 2 p.m.

at First Christian Church – Fellowship Hall – 17th & Boyd

Tom Bassett of Bassett’s Appraisal in Lincoln, NE spent several hours appraising items brought by about 40 persons from Ashland and the neighboring area.

He also brought items from his own collection and spoke of their history and worth.  Because of the interest shown, we plan to have Mr. Bassett do another appraisal soon.

At a business meeting, following the appraisals it was decided to change the by-laws so that our meetings will fall on the second Sunday of January, April, July and October.

SEVERAL new members joined the AHS . . WELCOME ! !

 “Antique appraisal reveals interesting stories, unique items”

See the Article, by Suzi Nelson in the Ashland Gazette of THU, April 5, 2012:

LINK > >Ashland Gazette follow-up article, from AHS meeting of April 1st

LINK ^ ^ to the Ashland Gazette^ ^ article

A HUGE “THANK YOU” and grateful acknowledgement to Suzi Nelson of the Ashland Gazette for covering the AHS Meeting and for the photos above  !

Our first-quarter-meeting was Sunday, JANUARY 8th, 2012

at First Christian Church – Fellowship Hall – 17th & Boyd

Our meeting was held @ 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
We want to thank the MANY members & guests
who attended our JAN meeting! GREAT attendance ! !

We look forward to seeing YOU in APRIL 2012 ! !

RECAP of OCTOBER 6th 2011 meeting:

ASHLAND – ” In 2005 Paul Johnson gave the late Lillian Bailey a coin that he had found in his junk drawer at home. He knew she would like it.

It was about the size of a silver dollar, but it was not a silver dollar. “

” On one side it says “ S.L. Sears. Ashland, Nebraska.”

On the other side is says ”Good for $1.00 in Merchandise.”

” Johnson was right. Bailey loved the coin and knew exactly what it was. It was a “coupon” for the Seabury Sears General Merchandise Store, which was located at 1435 Silver where the NAPA store is now.

You can see this coin and the article Bailey wrote about it at the next Ashland Historical Society meeting held on Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. at Willow Point Gallery in Ashland.  Those who attended also had the opportunity to bring their own mementos of Ashland’s past. “

” Perhaps you have an old photo of a well known person or building or event in Ashland’s history.

Maybe it is an old playbill from the Sears Opera House, which was located on the second floor above Seabury Sears’ store.  Or perhaps you have a collection of old Ashland telephone books. “

We wish to gratefully acknowledge some excerpts (above) of an article in the Ashland Gazette, prior to the meeting

   The   JULY  2011   MEETING of the AHS-SFHPS   

Our quarterly meeting of the Ashland Historical Society

was held JULY 7th (THU evening) – 7:00 pm at Willow Point Gallery

The theme of the meeting was

Share memories of Saturday nights in Ashland

THANK YOU to Suzi Nelson of the Ashland Gazette

for her article; LINK > to the Gazette article!

EXCERPT:  “ASHLAND – The farmers came to Ashland on Saturday nights.

The businesses stayed open and whole families arrived ready to shop,
people watch, gossip and go to the movies.”

Published: Thursday, June 30, 2011 3:07 AM CDT

We thank the many who attended for their wonderful contributions!

We learned they arrived early for the best parking space on Silver Street . .

Stores stayed open very late . . so families could pick-up their purchases . .

AFTER the movie at the NEU theater was over !

We want to offer a very special thank you to Brian & Larry Smith, for their contributions of pictures & memorabilia from the Masonic Lodge If you have stories to share and are unable to attend the meeting contact the organization at Info@AshlandHistoricalSociety.info

   The APRIL 2011 MEETING of the AHS-SFHPS   

  was held – April 7th, 2011 – 7:00 pm
at the Willow Point Gallery
located at 1431 Silver Ashland NE

Over the years when soldiers have left home to fight in distant places one of their great needs was to receive letters from home.  Usually, they were not able to keep the letters they received, but often the families kept the letters received from the soldiers.  Thirty one eager listeners enjoyed the words of soldiers and sailors and marines from the Civil War, World War I and World War II, as their family members presented parts of letters written many years ago.

President Marti Fritzen quoted from several letters written by her GGGrandfather during the Civil War. Pat Proctor and Virginia Wild also told of family members who participated in the War Between the States. They had pictures and mementos.

Cliff Squire, Marie Groenjes’ father, went off to World War I as an 18-year-old.  Mary Groenjes read letters he had sent home which displayed his keen sense of humor.  Marilyn Kolb Wright had mementos and letters from her father, Oren Kolb, and her uncle, Merle Martin,from World War II. Merle Martin was killed the day before the war ended.Her uncle Lloyd Martin had made a video of Ashland men going off to World War II. There were also scenes from a scrap metal drive held in Ashland in World War II.

This video was made into a CD by Kent Rung and is for sale.

They can be ordered by calling him at 402 944 9842.

Ed Boller presented the Historical Society with a large glass plate embossed with a train for use in the railroad section of our historical museum.

Many donations have been made to the Historical Society and it is hoped we will soon have a museum building in which to display them.

The dream of the Ashland Historical Society Museum
is approaching reality ! Watch for details Coming Soon !

The  JANUARY  meeting, held on January  9th  2011 was wonderful !   . .  the weather that day, you may recall, . . .  was NOT !

We are very grateful to Saint Mary’s Catholic Church and to member

& AHS Board Member Pat Proctor, for providing meeting space & refreshments.

We had several presentations of historic homes,

persons & 2 historic businesses in Ashland

Shirley (Raikes) Hemke gave a presentation on the 1419 Silver Street Building;

The building was originally known as the Sheffer Building, built in 1902 by Nelson Sheffer.
The building was purchased in 1905 by her Grandfather, P. W. (Phillip Weeks) Folsom.
Phillip Folsom & family operated the P. W. Folsom Jewelry store there for many years.
Phillip passed away in 1941 – the jewelry store carried on with Clara, his wife, Mildred, his daughter,
and Harlow, his brother continuing the business – Harlow did watch repair.
They sold more than jewelry ! They sold pianos, organs, sewing machines & glass-ceramic headed dolls.
Shirley has 2 of the dolls in her collection, in marvelous condition – she shared them with the meeting attendees.
The business was one of the oldest in Ashland – having been in business 44 years, in 1949.
Clara leased the business to Jack L. Dickerson, who had a jewelry store in Wahoo. The business later closed.
Glendora Raikes, Shirley’s Mother and Phillip and Clara’s daughter, sold the building in 1959 to

Henry Harmony, who operated Harmony’s Bakery. Henry Harmony sold the building in 1989 to Matthew Smith.

In 1994 Matthew Smith sold the building to John Schweich who was married
to Anne Groenjes, the daughter of Marie (Squire) and Gerhard Groenjes.

They refinished furniture and did wood working in the building and sold antique furniture.

In 1995 John Schweich sold the building to Michael Murman, owner & founder of PenLink,
a computer software developer. At that time they enclosed the outside stairway of the building,
did extensive remodeling and renovation; holding training classes for their software customers
in the classrooms that were part of the remodeling. See www.PenLink.com
June 2010 records show Michael Murman owns the building & is Owner of Glacial Till Vineyard.
Mike is assisted by his sons, John, Tim & Craig – the vineyard & winery are located near Palmyra, NE in Otoe County.
The building is now used as the Glacial Till Winery Tasting Room www.GlacialTillVineyard.com

In 2011, The Glacial Till Winery Tasting Room added occasional concerts & a wonderful art gallery.

The photo (below) is of the P. W. Folsom Jewelry Store interior:

This picture is of the interior of the P.W. (Phllip Weeks) Folsom Jewelry Store (circa 1908) The building was constructed in 1902 – and is the home of Glacial Till Winery Tasting Room currently.

The picture is from the Shirley (Raikes) Hemke collection. Mr. Folsom was her Grandfather; Mr. Folsom was Glendora (Folsom) Raikes Father. Forrest Raikes was Shirley’s Father

Bion Arnold
We learned more about Bion J. Arnold and his family, who homesteaded near Ashland
in 1864, from George Mink II, who owns the property where the Arnolds homesteaded.
This presentation was part of an ongoing series of the Arnold family history,
which George Mink II has developed and presented over the past months.
George has made numerous contacts with family members,
resulting in a wonderful presentation given by Grant Shepard of Dallas TX,
the great-great-grandson of Harold Arnold, younger brother of Bion Arnold.
That presentation was given to the AHS in June 2010
Please watch for a more complete historical account, biography, etc.
of BION J ARNOLD posted now !
Do you recall the B.J. Arnold Triangle on Highway 6 ? ? . . YES, Bion designed it !
( see the NEWBion J Arnold< page)


founded by Elmer C. Wild in 1926 & a part of Ashland history for 1/3 of a century:
A wonderful presentation was given by Carolee (Wild) Grauerholz, Elmer’s daughter.
The presentation was enhanced by Carolee’s memories, excerpts from Dale Wild’s autobiography in 1992, (son of Elmer), memories from Alan D. (Chip) Wild, Dale’s son & Elmer’s grandson; as well as many photos of the buildings; 105 South14th, the  orginal site, & 119 North. 14th street, the new site purchased in 1927.
Copies of a 12 page presentation are available upon request  *
to AHS & are available at Willow Point Gallery.
Carolee E. (Wild) Grauerholz went home to be with her Jesus on March 16, 2012 at the Age of 86.
Carolee will be remembered for her many contributions, in time & treasure,
to the Ashland Historical Society, the Ashland Arts Council & her church, First Christian Church of Ashland.
Carolee & her husband, George, raised 3 beautiful children; Rick, Randy and Lynn.
In addition to her involvement in Ashland organizations, Carolee tirelessly voluntered
and served on the Board of Directors of Child Savings Instirute of Omaha
Carolee will also be remembered for her wonderful sense of humor
One of her quotes . . Life is short . . Lets not fuss on the bus
A very special THANK YOU to Carolee, ” the reluctant historian “
When we were preparing the presentation – 12 pages ! – Carolee was encouraged
by Virginia Wild, her sister-in-law, and Peg Lutton, who assured her that
folks really do want to know about the Ashland Hatchery “
Carolee was so concerned that the hatchery closed so long ago, no one would remember
Carolee’s personal reflections, memories & wonderful presentation on January 9th, 2011 will long be remembered by those in attendance – a day that the weather was awful !

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